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Those of us lucky enough to have enjoyed a lifer lifelong passion of any sort, will understand completely when I say that such passion has the power not only to seduce us into its service, but also to elevate the soul and define our very being. For me, food has been and continues be the passion, an all consuming one that I have happily dedicated my life to. This book that you hold in your hands represents the culmination of over 30 years ‘ work in my chosen field I hope it gives you as much pleasure as it has given me in writing it for you.
When we first started talking about his book I said to my partners in crime, that my cookbook should get dirty! What I meant by this innocent remark is that I would like this book to be in the Kitchen and not sitting somewhere on a bookshelf untouched, Having a large collection of cookbooks myself from all over the world.

From the age of 12 my mother’s traditional German cooking inspired my interest in taking up cooking as a professional.

Chef Uwe Micheel.

For me, food had been and continues to be a passion , an all consuming one that I have happily dedicated my life to.

Chef Uwe Micheel.

If your heart isn't in it in and you dosnt respect the products you work with, it will show in your dishes.

Chef Uwe Micheel.

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Mr. Uwe Micheel landed in Dubai 21 years ago and almost instantly became the most famous chef in the whole city. Now, he is Director of Kitchens in Radisson Blu as well as the president of Chef Association of UAE.