HOTEL NEWS | 5 Sep 2016

Located at Deira Creek in the heart of old Dubai lies a newly opened gem – Aseelah, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek. Guests are invited to savour Emirati cuisine and discover the new place-to-be in a location that has seen this beautiful city grow. Through its unique menu combing the old and the new, Aseelah takes guests on a journey from Dubai’s humble roots to today’s modern achievements.

“One belonging to a great Heritage and Family” is Aseelah’s Arabic meaning. This is exactly what the restaurant aims to do – continue the heritage blossoming and inviting new members to the family.

The licensed Emirati restaurant is a dream come true for Chef Uwe Micheel, Director of Kitchens and President of the Emirates Culinary Guild. The dishes personally created by Chef Uwe represent a rich and unique taste, full of flavors – saffron, ginger, cardamom, thyme and turmeric, all of which describe Emirati cookery. Each and every dish, whether original Emirati or with a modern twist, is cooked with purely local produce so that the guests can savour the true experience and original taste of the dishes. Uwe Micheel has visited local families who have taught him which spices to use to get a true blend of the UAE, to combine zests in a unique way and form a taste like no other. The mixes are present in dishes such as Balalit and Bajella, the famous main course Chicken Machboos and the delicious pumpkin pudding dessert Asidat Bobar. Aseelah’s menu is very extensive with a great variety and choice. Guests are invited for great food, ambience and traditions recalling the old times. With a live bread and dessert making station, the experiences continue throughout every visit.

Aseelah welcomes guests with a unique interior, comfortable seating, private dining rooms, a modern bar with beats from an Arabic DJ and a spacious terrace with lounge seating offering Shisha and great views of the Dubai Skyline.