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TIMES OUT DUBAI | 13 Jun 2017

You might think a new steakhouse is the last thing Dubai needs, but in DXB Grill we have, if nothing else, a unique take on the experience.

The venue is huge. There are two rooms, one with a sushi bar and seafood counter, one a more traditional dining area. The menu is also huge, covering seafood, tandoori dishes, rotisserie and sushi. And steaks.

We start with a trio of salmon and grilled scallop tartlets.
The salmon comes smoked (with a refreshing cucumber salsa), marinated in wasabi and palm sugar (it’s unusual but not unpleasant), but as ceviche, the cubes could be bigger. The scallops are, frankly, bizarre. The bivalves themselves are fine, but the hard pastry cases just don’t work.

Mains are better, and good value. A 220g grass-fed tenderloin is Dhs155 (with vegetables, potatoes and a sauce). It’s seasoned properly and cooked perfectly. The truffle mash we order is as good as we’ve had. A boneless turkey leg (Dhs95) is served in dramatic fashion (hanging on a hook) and is another hit.

It’s not the most fashionable of addresses, but if you’re nearby you could do a lot worse.